About Garnsurr

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A social integration project

Garnsurr is a new enterprise which will dye and knit yarn as an integration project for refugee women. Several refugees has moved to our community in Numedal, Norway, and we want to make their lives enjoyable while also having a job that contributes to society and helps them become integrated in the Norwegian culture and customs.

This project is aimed at adult women, and mostly the women struggling to find jobs because they have trouble learning and understanding Norwegian.

We believe that colourful women will make colorful yarn! At least that's our hope. The collection as you see now in the shop will be the first yarns we will offer, but we believe that the yarn in the near future will we even more astonishing.

Support the idea of a colorful and human community, support refugee women through sharing, following and buying our yarn.

Pilot project will start at 1st of February 2017 with two refugee women. Depending on government and community support, the project will continue in fall 2017. We hoped to sell 1000 skeins of yarn the first year, and we sold 6000!

The project is now running good, three ladies work and dye yarn, learn Norwegian and are sharing all their colours with us.